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200 Dunstans Road
London, England, SE22 0ES
United Kingdom

0777 2646221

À L'aise was founded in London in 2015 by Suzie; born out of her fascination with high quality paper and design. She set about creating a minimalist luxury stationery and leather goods brand, with a focus on timeless design and an emphasis on quality.

Carefully chosen papers are used to create our iconic greeting cards. Traditionally foil printed labels are placed onto the contemporary patterned cards before being paired with luxurious coloured envelopes.

Specialist craftsmen in Northamptonshire, using the highest quality vegetable-tanned leathers, construct all of our leather goods by hand. Each piece is then hand finished at our studio in London before being placed into an ebony box with brass wire stitching.

Finetec Ink Mini Palette


Modern Calligraphy Kit. Modern Calligraphy Nibs. Pointed Nibs. Flexible Nibs for Calligraphy. Copper Calligraphy Ink. Coloured Calligraphy Ink. Rose Gold Calligraphy Ink. Letterpress Art Prints and Wall Art. Personalised Stationery. Personalised Stationary. Custom Notecards.

Finetec Ink Mini Palette

Finetec Modern Calligraphy Ink Palette Mini
Finetec Copper Calligraphy Ink Palette Mini Close Up
Finetec Modern Calligraphy Ink Palette Mini
Finetec Copper Calligraphy Ink Palette Mini Close Up

Finetec Ink Mini Palette


The finest shimmer inks for calligraphy and brush lettering. This mini palette contains: Copper, Holographic Pink (incredible on dark paper), Holographic Green, Holographic Blue, Pearl White and Ruby Red.

A unique product, almost like a solid set gouache paint. You add water to the set shimmery ink and mix it with a paintbrush to create beautiful shimmery that is completely opaque on darker shades of paper. So amazing!!

How to use:

I use these inks so often and this is how. I firstly fill a Jam with fresh water. I then use a teaspoon to add 1 to 2 teaspoons of water to my chosen shade, you basically want to cover your chosen colour with water until it forms a dome. I then leave this to soak in for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a round watercolour brush to mix the ink to a double cream consistency. From here you can paint it onto the back of your nib for calligraphy or use your round watercolour brush to create beautiful shimmery brush lettering. If you find it doesn’t flow through your nib properly just add a little more water and likewise if you find it is slightly to watery and too quickly flows through your nib, wait a moment for it to evaporate slightly and mix it a little more with your brush to thicken it with more shimmery pigment. Keep your water jar next to you so you can add water as and when you need too. Once you have finished just leave the palette open and the ink will then dry back solid and you can close and store.

I find the Blue Pumpkin nib or L'écolière nib best to use with this palette. You can get both of these in our Mixed Nib Trio Pack.

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